Thursday, May 14, 2009

Farther Afield ...

you can find farms in Brown County.

Taken May 11, 2009.

Taken January 14, 2006

Taken May 9, 2009.
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  1. Now those pics are looking more like the Texas I travel through when I go down to our property at Cherokee. Tree-covered rolling hills.

    It's been a whirlwind couple of days. The second Independent Editor I contacted didn't connect to my story so that match didn't make. Felt very gangly girl standing near the punch bowl at the junior high dance.
    So I went right on the the next suggestion I got from an agent I met in CA. This IE is funny and VERY quick to respond to emails. She was an editor for Harcourt for ten years and has written and published two YA novels. So I'm thinking she understands the genre and can relate to my side of the keyboard.
    She has been living in England for the last nine months with her husband and 4 year old TRIPLET sons. I figure anybody that can live in a foreign country and work while wrangling that crew is impressive. They come back to San Diego later this summer.
    So I hired her yesterday sent her my work for an overview, what she calls a substansive edit.
    Gut feeling is good.

    15 days and counting. WooHoo!!!

    Waves to All!!

  2. Good luck, Lisa!

    Boran2, you might want to consider upgrading the engine in the Mormon Mazda, man, that thing is s-l-o-w. ;p

    Hey Andi, how's the weather? Stormy here, but not supposed to last too long.

  3. Glad I give you something familiar looking, Lisa (though I know that your hills are covered with completely different kinds of trees than mine). Hope the editing goes great. And yay for 15 days! Poor Jim's got to go till June 4 to make up snow days.

    Jen, storming here too but I've been watching the radar -- it's running at a diagonal so it got here way before you -- we're almost at the end. I think I'll be mostly behind it all the way -- I hope. But if not, it should just be the tail end.

  4. Kinda different from your forest pics, andi! Still pretty - and pastoral.

    Yay for a good editorial experience finally, Lisa. Fingers AND toes crossed!

    Could y'all convince some of those storms to detour down this way? We had forecasts for rain the last two days, but saw nary a drop.

    Getting ready to be gone for 10 days - dog-sitting on the left side of FL. Will post pictures of my surrogate furry kid next week. Now off to do laundry - happy almost-Friday, everyone!

  5. Mother Hen, I will be very careful. :)

    Beth, believe me, I'd be glad to send you the rain -- I'm already tired of it and we've got it forecast through the weekend.

  6. Morning!

    Lisa, hang in there and best of luck with then other agent.

    Jen & Andi - we're in for another 4 days of stormy after a too-brief sunny day or two. Ah, spring.

    Beth, enjoy your FL relaxation. I like the left coast.

    Good news - things at work seem to be easing. New Guy started yesterday (the one that will take over my clients) and he seems very very sharp. The Project From Hell is nearing a close, other projects are happening. Boss seems to have realized her snafu and is back to treating me as a valued person. (I *did* have a long talk with the Director - who will be my new boss - which is a good thing - I'll no longer report directly to CEO. Director is a very good person and I think he had a chat with Boss and explained my frustration better than I could.

    In any case, I'm REALLY hoping this works out. That said, I'm not abandoning the possibility of a new job elsewhere. Keeping all options open.

    Here's to a fabulous rest of the week!!

  7. Morning, Andi! Beautiful serene (until you know all the work being done there) farmland. Looks much like Ohio farmland. But I guess that's now surprising. Great framing and lovely subject matter.

  8. morning all. We had storms last night but they certainly didn't seem as bad as were predicted. (You would have thought no houses would be left standing from what they predicted.) Today is supposed to be cloudy but clear - which is good because I'm supposed to have my back steps replaced today.

    Have a good day everyone.

  9. Beautiful photo of the horses. And peaceful, tidy-looking farms ... :)

    Hope you're having a good day.

  10. Nice pix. Your trees are greener than the ones here. We must be a couple of weeks behind you. The dogwoods here are finally in full bloom this week.

    Yay, Lisa!! Sounds like some good chemistry there. Just in time for writing season this summer. Keep us posted.

    Hi, guys. What's that saying Lisa has - the weekend is winking at us? Well, I'm winking right back. ;-)

  11. Good day everyone,

    Andi those pictures are very peaceful looking. Once the lottery comes through, I'll have to get a farm like that so I can become the country squire I was born to be. :O)

    Lisa congrats on finding the new editor.

    Jen, Mary and Andi. Whine, whine, whine. If it's not winter and too much snow,then it's spring and raining too much. Wah, Wah, Wah. OK I've got my helmet on so you three bashing me on the head shouldn't hurt too bad. :)

    Beth hope you have fun dog sitting. If I could I would Fed-ex you George. However, I wouldn't want to get Fed-ex or you mad at me for having to put up with George. :)

    Maria I'm behind and didn't know about what's going on at your work, but I'm happy to hear that you've gotten it straightened out. Nothing worse than to be working in a bad office.

    Hi CF. Growing up on a farm I know what kind of work it takes to have them looking that way. That's why I told Andi I was born to be a country squire. ;)

    Hi Olivia. I was thinking in addition to your garden in your backyard, you should get a pony and put back there. One up side is you would have plenty of manure for fertilizer. Great Googly Moogly! :)

    Hope everyone is doing well today and that the coming w/e will be great.

  12. Hi Bono,

    Didn't see you there. I hope the w/e is very good for you too. Maybe you could just wink out Friday and go straight to Saturday. :)

  13. Hi did you all miss me. No? Well even so, you should be jealous because I spent the day with the Fablulous Jen.

    Great news, Maria! So happy for you.

    Coneflower, actually not much work is being done. The one farm just has a few animals and a small garden and the second one only plants hay and raises a few horses. And the one with close-up of horses has a few head of longhorn cattle.

    Mary, we got clobbered by only by rain -- about 3 inches.

    Hi O. Had a great day.

    bono, the dogwoods are just about done here. Most of the blossoms are the ground.

    FM, you don't need a farm to be a country squire -- all you gotta do is be yourself.

  14. Long day of working at home. Then I realized the yard was already getting overgrown after mowing it Saturday, and figured if I didn't get to it while it wasn't raining I'd really be in trouble, so I ran that down.

    I did step out for a walk & got some pix of the current round of flowering stuff. Crazy Rhodo and her Flower Power Band. I gotta get that stuff out of the camera & separate it from the shots I took of the community chorale Saturday night.

    Lisa, hope the new editor works out for you!

    Maria, sounds like some good is coming out of your hell-week. My new boss is trying to help me unhook from the political crap so I can spend time, you know, working — I see fewer "can you help us" projects in the future…

    Vacation coming up next week. Woohoo!

  15. Andi F,
    The bottom left photo is perfect.

  16. Woohoo too for your vacation, Farf.

    Thanks Head -- thought to be perfect, the clouds needed to be a bit more cooperative and not be so bright they blew out in spots. ;)