Saturday, May 9, 2009

For Coneflower: Mayapple Fruit-to-Be (& guest)

As I said to Coneflower, these aren't that common. I went through about 50 mayapples before I found a double.

Taken May 8, 2009.

Click image to see larger version

Happy Saturday everyone. And be sure to stop by for Jim's post on Sunday.


  1. I can see miniturized Andi, a-la B or C grade SciFi Movie from the 50s and 60s standing under the ferns and Mayapples wielding her giant camera.
    Finding the double was worth the effort and a visitor enjoying some nectar to boot. Great job Andi.

    Hubby spending a day volunteering his time to do painting and fix up at Boy Scout camp on Possum Kingdom Lake today. So alone time today to catch up on assignments for online editing class I'm taking from Margie Lawson. She's terrific.

    Hugs to Maria and hope for some noninsanity time.

    Shoulder rub for Kelly the Magnificent, helping pack up all that equipment.

    Waves to Bono, Jen, Coneflower, Head, Beth, Olivia, MaryB, KB, Nicky, Farf, FM, Boran and all to come. Oh and to NANCY--hope it's a good busy for you today.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Hi Andi & Lisa!

    I'm going to have to read through the last few posts to find out what's been going on. Our little dog has been sick and things have been hectic as a result.

  3. Sorry about your dog, KB - hope s/he's better!

    I've never seen mayapples, andi - will need to watch out for them the next time I'm in "real" woods.

    Used a fancy treadmill for the first time this morning - don't know how you treadblog, Kelly, I had enough problems staying upright! :-)

    Good luck with the homework, Lisa - glad you're enjoying the class.

    Off to the art market and maybe a flea market - then hopefully get some work done. Enjoy your Saturday!! Waving at all.

  4. Morning Lisa. Glad you're enjoying the online course after your less-than-satisfactory other editing experience.

    Hi kb. Missed ya!

    Beth, maybe the next time you come this way, you can come in early May and see the mayapples in my "real" woods.

  5. Morning, all - thanks for all the hugs, I really appreciated them!!

    I'm SO glad it's the weekend. Going to spend a lot of it relaxing and losing myself in books.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. (waving) Hi Beth & Maria!

    About Tommy, ... I hope to be around more now. The little guy has stitches in his tongue and we've been trying to keep him quiet. He went insane yesterday when we left to buy groceries so I think we'll just stay inside until Monday or so.

  7. What lovely representations of our woodsy environment! Thanks for inviting me over.

  8. Happy weekend everyone especially Maria. Sorry to hear about the little dog kb but at least you have an excuse to just hang out at home all weekend.

  9. Ouch ... stitches in the tongue. Poor baby.

    Hey ID. Thanks for coming by. It's nice to have another Brown Countian here.

    Hi Mary.

  10. Nice to still have your great photos, Andi, even while Nancy is on hiatus.

  11. Ow, KB! Poor doggy.

    I remember mayapples. We used to pluck one and use it to shoo bugs away from ourselves when out walking around. It's been a long time since I've seen them; I don't think they grow this far south.

    Well, I did it. The first draft of FAR Future is completely completed. I'll be tweaking each episode right up to posting time, but what the hey, it's DONE!!!! whewHere's to a weekend of productive relaxation for all…

  12. Just went back to see yesterday's comments.

    Congrats to Head on the new grandkid! I got one supposedly arriving around July… hopefully the mom's genes won't be much in evidence there. :-P

    {{{Maria}}} I know what that's like. I've had some days recently where I'd have gladly walked out of the orifice and never returned myself. Here's hoping you find something better, and soon! Too bad we all can't just kick back and write stories for a living, huh?

  13. July, Farf? Did I miss this news along the way? Congratulations, I think!

  14. So pretty!

    Hello everyone. :)

  15. Hi Conda. Great to see you here.

    Congrats Farf!!! -- for both the coming grandkid and the completion of FAR Future.

    How was the market, Beth?

    Hiya O.

  16. Great market! Juried arts and crafts, local restaurant booths, live music (two guys who sounded just like Simon & Garfunkle), and street performers. I had black beans and rice, and a hot beignet - mmmmm. Lots of families and dogs and folks strolling around, enjoying the afternoon. Nice way to spend a Saturday!

    Off to try the strawberries I bought...

  17. Oh that sounds like a great time (and great eats). Hope the strawberries are yummy.

  18. Strawberries are about 4-6 weeks away here in Indiana, but in my mind's eye (tongue) strawberries are over 20 years away. I would go out into my dad's garden and pick and eat, and eat and pick, and eat and eat.

    Millions of Strawberries
    by Genevieve Tagged

    Marcia and I went over the curve,
    Eating our way down
    Jewels of strawberries we didn't deserve,
    Eating our way down.
    Till our hands were sticky, and our lips painted,
    And over us the hot day fainted,
    And we saw snakes,
    And got scratched, and a lust overcame us for the red
    Small buds of berries, till we lay down--
    Eating out way down-- and rolled in the berries like two
    little dogs
    In the late gold
    And gnats hummed
    And it was cold
    And home we went, home without a berry,
    Painted red and brown
    Eating out way down.

  19. Yeah, Beth, I mentioned it back at Nancy's place a while ago. The gf is a bit of a skank and is basically using The Boy as her ticket up from the bottom. But… we'll see what happens. It might straighten her out. It seems to have straightened him out already. There will be pictures, oh yes.

    Jim, great little poem there - kind of an exaggeration of how we pick fruit… gotta lighten the load somehow, right?

  20. You know my memory, Farf - sorry I forgot. Just have to cross your fingers for the wee one...

  21. FAR, That makes two of us who missed the news (or forgot) I've GOT to start drinking more coffee!

    FAR, it's a shame we can't pick out the parents of our grandchildren.

  22. I am falling over that you have a blog, AF! Am digging out from under piles of term papers (not done yet) and haven't been paying attention!

    Love the double Mayapple - reminds me of the Ozarks in the spring. I love Lisa's comment about you standing under the Mayapple "umbrella", then hitching a ride on one of your beasts.

  23. Hi kidspeak! And welcome to my place and I hope you (and teach) will drop by and visit with us often.