Friday, May 8, 2009

Ferns and Mayapples. Mayapples and Ferns.

Taken May 6, 2009.

Taken May 2, 2009

Taken May 3, 2009.
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  1. It's a Jungle out there.
    Love all that green.Ferns are one of my favorites with the textures of the fronds. Mayapples are new to me. Must not have those down here.

    Glad Friday is here. Just have to survive it. 13 new students today and likely a couple of returnees will show up unexpected. This time of year holds WAY too much drama. I'll have to close my eyes and think of the GREEN.

    Fabulous FRIDAY to All.

  2. Good morning Lisa. Happy Friday That Makes You Even Closer to the End of the School Year. So you can also close your eyes and think of that. :)

  3. Good Morning Andi
    Now that`s some green you can bank on.
    You can tell Lisa M to open her eyes now.
    I left her a little treat.
    And check out the cat also.
    I did leave a little mystery for everybody though I know only one person might/should be able to solve it.
    I`m also a grampa again today, so I might have to use some of that beautiful green you seem to have an abundance of.
    Have a nice week -end.

  4. Well Gramps (way to go Haylie!), I skipped the mystery but as you'll see when you read my comment, I found the cat.

  5. Head, I bow to your picture prowess and blush at you're treating me so special.
    Thanks so much!!
    New babies--hope for our future.
    Big SMILE.

  6. Morning, all! I just love all of that green, and the dew (rain?) drops...looks lush and alive.

    End of the year, huh, Lisa? Everyone goes a little more nuts than usual. Deep breaths - like andi said, summer's almost here.

    Congrats, 'head! Those kids sure are lucky to have you as a grandpa.

    Nothing earth-shaking going on here. Life is pretty quiet these days, unless I'm traveling. Might go to a chocolate and wine tasting this afternoon.

    TGIF, everyone! And hopefully a lovely weekend ahead for you all.

  7. Wet and green are some of my favorite photo elements. Love these, esp the mayapples. They look like they think tall, and you just know there's a velociraptor lurking somewhere off set to the right.

    (PS. Andi, will email you tomorrow, am waiting for a return call about an appointment. :) )

    Congrats on the new person Knucklehead!

  8. Gorgeous green. A lovely signal of growth and change.

    Friends, I could use a little positive mojo my way. Things at the mimes got really bad yesterday. I was so angry and upset I could barely see straight. It's time to move on and frankly, I'm scared spitless because of the economy. I'm 50 years old and looking for a new job. Not the optimum combo.

    Any mojo you could spare is gratefully appreciated.

    Love you all and hope your week is way more fabulous than mine.

    (the other side of the coin - stuff in the writing world is going great!)

  9. ::wads up extra good mojo and tosses to Maria::

    Bestest wishes, hon, if there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate to drop an email.

  10. Sending hugs and virtual chocolate, Maria. Keep your eye on the good stuff, and start planning to get the heck out of there. Even in a bad economy, there are jobs - life is too short to be so miserable.

    Treat yourself this weekend - you've earned it!

    We're out here, sending you all the mojo we can muster....

  11. Morning Beth. Enjoy your "nothing" (which is something I find quite relaxing).

    Hey Jen, I'll be eagerly awaiting your email. Everything is wide open for me.

    Maria, I recently went from regular employment to independent contractor. I won't pretend I'm making the same kind of money or that not knowing how much I am going to make isn't a bit scary but I can charge a much higher rate as a contractor and can -- mostly -- set my own hours. Your skills and the area where you live might make that a solution worth investigating.

  12. Hi Andi! This is a stunning collection of photos. I love them all. How did you get the one from below the ferns? Tall ferns and very wet back? LOL The perspective of the field of May Apples is wonderful and the large one with the May Apple in the middle is awesome.

    The green is so green this time of year.

    Isn't there some season the some part of May Apples are edible?

  13. Coneflower, the ferns are higher enough off the ground that I can get my camera underneath and take blinds shots. Sometimes it works (like this one) and lots of time it doesn't (like all the ones you aren't going to see).

    You're right about the mayapple -- you can eat the fruit but as the warning I found says "they are poisonous when green. Do not try to eat them until they are yellow and soft. However, squirrels love the fruits, and you may have a hard time finding a ripe one because of them!". Also it's the double "parasol" mayapples have flowers/fruit and they aren't nearly as common as the single ones. We always let the critters have them so amazingly I've never tried one. I think this year I'll have to make an effort.

    And I even found some recipes.

  14. BTW the lower left fern has unusual leaflets. Instead of strappy like in the combo photo they look like miniature fans. Very pretty.

  15. congrats Knucklehead!

    Mojo to Maria. Much mojo.

    Hi to everyone else.

  16. Coneflower, that's a maidenhair fern.

    Hi Mary.

  17. Great pix again, Andif. A little sun and some rain and everything popped. The mayapples make me think of umbrellas for elves. Oh, and btw, I have visions of marmots strapped to a sled to go get those downed trees for you. lol

    Doh! I just got the dog..woods post from the other day. Very clever. I must be sleep blogging this week.

    Greetings, all. Good luck with the new kids, Lisa. Mojo sent your way, Maria. Congrats, Knucklehead.

    Nephew's graduation is this weekend. I feel bad for all the new grads getting out of school in this economy. However, as someone reminded me, it's much worse for the older workers who have lost jobs and have to compete against young kids requiring lower salary.

    I read a good book the last couple of days. I heard the author speak last Spring about a book she had in her head. The book is out and has a surprise ending, very enjoyable. "The Weight of Heaven," Thrity Umrigar.

    Happy weekend!

  18. Hi bono. I'm glad you liked the Umrigar book. It's on my TBR list and I very much enjoyed her earlier book, The Space Between Us.

  19. Andi, these photos are now my favourite of green things I've seen yet. Just love the colour and the perfect framing of each one. Perfect. I love the perspective in the bottom left ... wonderful post. :)

  20. I liked her first novel, too. The second one "If Today Be Sweet" - not so much. This new one 2 thumbs up.

  21. Thanks O. Jim said he was jealous of the bottom left picture because my camera was small enough to get under the fern to take it. :)

  22. bono, good to know.

    So how goes your camera quest?

  23. Mojo for Maria before I toddle off to drool in a corner. All the equipment for Dr.Mc's entire physics department needs to be packed up and go into storage by the end of next week (it'll be coming out in the new building in Aug). This is complicated by the fact that much of it had to be available for use until today, and by the fact that university budget cuts mean there's no dedicated lab manager to deal with the problem. I'm now coming up on 25 hours of packing and expect to get anther 4-8 in over the weekend.

  24. Kelly, I certainly won't say have a good time but I will say this -- be sure to bend from the knees when picking up heaving boxes. :)