Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everything is Glowing

Thank you, Farf, for your comment about everything glowing; it inspired today's post.

Taken May 3, 2009.
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More things glowing, even the dogs.

Taken May 4, 2009
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  1. Andie,
    I love the glow of the green, & the innocence of the dogs.

  2. Andi, You've got a burgeoning, playful green.
    We've got don't look away or you may get drug into the thicket and lost growth going on with all our rain. Give us a little sunshine and lookout.
    I'm thinking the dogs are wanting to dance, but can't decide who's going to lead.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  3. Morning Head and Lisa.

    Lisa, I changed the automated post time to 5 a.m. Eastern Time just for you and your way-too-early rising. And here you are.

  4. Up at three this morning. Can't get mind and body settled for long these days.
    The insomnia stick seems to be a boomerang for me these days.

    Appreciate you thinking of me Andi!!

  5. Andi,
    I did blog roll you.
    I had forgotten.

  6. Sorry about the insomnia, Lisa. One of the most frustrating things. Hope you catch up tonight.

    Gorgeous green!! I just love spring. I'm enjoying it vicariously through all of you this year. Our green isn't nearly as lively and excited.

    A peaceful Tuesday to everyone.

  7. Morning, all! Sadly, it's back to the "real" world today. Had a fabulous time at Malice, even though I didn't get enough time with Nancy and Porch Sally. :(

    Love the green glow, Andi! Today, I'm wishing for sun. Been raining since Thursday.

    Off to the mimes I go...

  8. Beth, I'll bet you could get some pretty lively green in you visited the Everglades.

    Hi Maria. Happy face for the great time at Malice. Sad face for going back to work.

  9. Morning everyone,

    Those pictures do have a green glow about them. Wonderful shots and very peaceful setting. Almost as peaceful looking as my backdoor pond. :P

  10. Imo the Everglades glow best at sunrise/sunset -- rarely very bright green, though, even when sufficiently wet. It surprised me that the muted green hues in the swamp were so similar to those in the desert but sawgrass is basically the same color as saguaro. I mean, there's a lot more alive in the swamp than in the desert, so there's more color across the board, but it's like nature used the same palettes to color everything in.

  11. Hi, all. Found my way over here after Maria told me about it at Malice. Which was wonderful because I got to meet porch Sally! Though I didn't know it the first time we met. But once I knew, I tracked her down and we had a nice visit.
    As with Maria and Nancy. It was a fun time.

  12. I love it when the world glows like that! You captured it perfectly, Andi.

  13. glowing dogs. you can't ask for anything better.

    have a good day everyone.

  14. Lisa, if it's any consolation, I think the insomnia stick bonked me last night as it boomeranged its way back to you.

    Happy are the dogs who frolic in the woods with their people.

  15. FM, you are a pic-tease. ;P

    Jen, that does surprise me. I guess I figured it was like the other swamps I've been in which have been verdant in the extreme.

    Dina, lucky, lucky you. Jealous.

    kb, easy to capture when it's all around you.

    Mary, I think I could ask for a glowing winning lottery ticket and it would be better.

    Sorry you got hit with the ess-stick too, Farf.

  16. Nice to see Sniff and Bebo ... :-)

  17. I love how the early spring green is almost neon.

  18. Hi O and Toni. Toni, spring is my favorite season -- the only better than gorgeous greens are the beech leaves that are so soft it's hard to believe they don't fall apart when you touch them.

  19. Wow! Spectacular pix today - the green, the dogs, the astronomy pic. Wow.

    So, sometimes you just need to put what you need out there and the universe says, "Here." On a stop at the library today, there was a black tree with purple flowers! The one without a name. The librarian said it's a redbud. Even though the flowers are purple? Yes, she said. I want to get one for my yard. So pretty. Thank you Jimf and Andif for attempting to help me identify it.

    I also talked to a guy who likes to take pix. He suggested a camera for me that's on sale at a camera store going out of business. He said the Nikon d something is on sale for $319 until they are gone. Is that a good camera? What do you photographers here think? He said it comes with a lens 15-40?

    Hey, everyone. :-)

  20. Never mind about cameras. I just tried to look it up. I give up - processors, megapixels, noise.... I don't even understand the language of cameras (back when I was a kid...lol). I give up for now.

    Lisa and Farf, hope you get some sleep.

  21. Hi bono. Jim thought maybe it was redbud but I demurred because around here the flowers aren't purple. So next time he should ignore me (isn't that what spouses are supposed to do anyway).

    I suspect that camera is more than you want since it's a SLR and if you're just getting started you probably want something simpler. A point-and-shoot (I'm still using a p-and-s) is a great way to get started. I think very highly of the Canon Powershot SD series (they have a whole range).

  22. Our redbuds have purple flowers. They are quite pretty. And they grow a bit faster than the dogwood which is nice, but not as fast as the Bradford Pears which is good because that makes them sturdier.