Monday, May 11, 2009

Enchanted Forest

Really. I just can't understand why some pointy-eared Orlando Bloom lookalike isn't hanging out here.

Taken May 8, 2009.


  1. Andi--I can smell the damp earth and hear the burbling of the water skittering over the rocks. The dogs romp from tree to tree then splash and slurp. It's a Wonderful World.

    Last counseling session tonight. 18days left and I can become a full time writer for the summer. WooHoo.

    Maria, Hope you got some TLC this weekend. Big Cyberhug to ya.

    Beth--what did you get at the Market? I'm hungry for fresh fruits and veggies.

    Waves as heads to get ready for work.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. I wanna sit on the root over to the left and dangle my feet in the water.

  3. Wow Lisa, you did sleep in. :)

    Morning Farf. I think the water is about 4 inches deep so I hope your feet are small.

  4. Morning, all! Yep, I could sit and listen to/watch that water for hours. ESPECIALLY if Orlando Bloom was with me! :-)

    Fresh strawberries and tomatoes, Lisa, plus black beans and rice for lunch, with a fresh sweet hot beignet for dessert. It was a great market!

    Going to watch the shuttle launch from the beach today - won't be as spectacular as a night launch, but hopefully I'll see something.

    Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

  5. Andi - don't you see the elves, right there, behind that tree... ::g::

    Lisa, thanks for the cyberhugs. I spent this weekend doing very little. Wanted to go to Star Trek, but alas, migraine. I blame the weather. Got some sun, but now we're back to grey & rainy. Le sigh.

    I'm going to go to the woods and dangle my toes in the 4" water with Far. ::g::

    Off to the mimes in a bit.

  6. Exquisite and ethereal. Fairies abound but we'll never see them. If you listen really carefully, you may hear them laughing and singing.

  7. Hi Beth. You're just going to have come for another visit, a little later in spring this time.

    Maria, I hope the mimes treat you much better today.

    Coneflower, if you haven't scrolled down the page, you might want to do so :).

  8. (waving) Andi, wow - How did you leave THAT place? It's gorgeous! (I'm going to sit there all day with FAR)

    Maria, I'm so sorry about your migraine. I hope you're feeling better.

  9. Hey all, missed going to Star Trek yesterday because the clocks were off. Will try again next weekend. In the meantime, I planning on running around like a chicken since I've got a book out in two weeks. Or not, since I'm not good at panic. Maybe I'll just stick my head in the sand for the duration. Off to pack the physics department now.

  10. oh kb, it is so hard to leave because I am so little and the world is so big but I have my quest and must return the ring ... oops, sorry, got carried away.

    Hiya Kelly. Don't work too hard.

  11. Orlando Bloom is hiding in your woods? I am definitely visiting ...

    Mor ... oops, afternoon everyone. The day slipped away while I wasn't looking. Hope everyone had a good day.

  12. Wow, that almost doesn't look real. I want that. Loved the mayapple, too. I had heard they produce fruit but had never seen one. Thanks.

    Hugs to Jimf. I love a poetryman. :-) Many thanks for the wonderful poems over the weekend.

    Beth, you are so lucky to see a shuttle launch. It's on my bucket list. I think I need to get that done soon, there aren't many more launches.

    Double congrats to Farf. I didn't know of the upcoming stork visit either.

    Hope your puppy's all better, KB.

    Was out of town over the weekend for nephew's graduation. My favorite part (after him graduating)? When they asked all the people receiving a master's degree in engineering to stand up. Only one person did. A woman! You gooooo, girl!

    I'm still going to lobby for an Andif calendar. You take great pix. (btw, the camera going out of business sale is out of business - drats)

    Hey, everyone. Have a great week.

  13. Oh Andi ... perfect title for this photo and perfect descriptor for your forest. It's unreal how green and glowy it is ... :)

    Hello everyone.

  14. Better bring your hiking boots, Mary. Hard to tell how long it may take us to hunt him down.

    bono, you can have that -- just pop on down from Cleveland and come visit. :)

    Also, there are a lot of very nice cameras that won't break your bank; you don't have to wait for a going out of business sale. Do you have a Best Buy in your area?

    Hiya O ... if only I could have captured some magical ripples to match the ones you have at your place.

  15. Andi, I have to disagree about Best Buy. Here, the nearby Wolf Camera has the same cameras for the same prices, and people who know the product.

    Still soakin' my feet, KB and Maria here. Passing around a bottle of whatever we want it to be… you say "wine," and it's your fave wine. "Peppermint schnapps" and… you get the idea.

  16. Or perhaps something lurking in that pond!

    < waves to all >

    The Mormon Mazda is fianlly about to start its trip eastward. Can't wait to get it here.

  17. You've been very patient, boran. I thought it was halfway here already! I hope it arrives soon....and is all you hoped it would be!

  18. Don't worry Mary - I'll help you find Orlando.

  19. No Wolfe's around here, Farf (closet we have is Giddy).

    Hi b2. Do you think the car will be outfitted in a white shirt and black pants?

  20. Oh boy, Toni's visiting me too! (Thanks, Orlando).