Friday, May 15, 2009

Drop By Drop

Taken May 11, 2009.

Taken May 6, 2009

Taken May 13, 2009.
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  1. Morning Andi,

    All the picture are great, but I like the bottom right one the best. It looks to me like that one drop that magnifies the leaf is the focal point and everything going out from there gets hazier and hazier. Wonderful shot.

    BTW had any rain lately. Hah! :)

  2. I love that top one, andi. You inspire me to try to take better shots - or at least different ones.

    Hi Fam! You're up and about early today.

    I'm packing up the house to drive west this morning. Wish it was "really" west, but even to the west side of the state is a little closer to home. Looking forward to seeing my friends, then taking care of their furry kid for the week.

    Have a great Friday, everyone - the weekend is almost here!

  3. Hi FM. Rain? Rain? We don't do need no stinking rain. Yeah the water droplet photo ops have been plentiful but the farmers are in big trouble because they are way behind in getting their crops in.

    Safe journey and good times, Beth. And take a bunch of those pictures I'm inspiring. :)

  4. oh, wow. LOVE the macro photos!!

    Morning, all. Yup, more rain here today. But, it's FRIDAY!! AND, I'm going to go see Star Trek again with a different group of friends. YIPPEE!!

    (Although, DAYUM, dinner & a movie these days...ouch for the cost)

    I see the weekend peeping out just over the horizon - have a fabulous one!

  5. Family Man, I love rain, I was just warning Andi about the storms because she was driving over for a visit. I am most certainly not a whiner, and I demand a retraction! Or at least a cookie. ;)

    Hope you have a(nother) great trip, Beth.

  6. Maria, I love taking macros pictures -- it's frustrating and satisfying. It's hard to figure out how to take them, it's hard to take to them, it's hard to see all ones that are failures, and it's so very, very easy to get all excited when you take a good one.

    Hi Jen. You were a very good mother hen. Have a cookie. :)

  7. Oh mercy!! These are outstanding! I can't pick a favorite, but that top one with the image within an image is amazing. First the drop itself is awesome, then you notice that the image inside the drop is the same as the full surroundings of the photo. WOW! But the other two are VERY special also.

    Thank you for these beautiesl

  8. Getting a little wet there, huh? I can relate. 70% chance of rain all weekend, grrrr!!! Gotta get some herbs planted, gotta get cages around the tomatoes (the yellow pears are already producing!), grumble mumble fiddle faddle… at least I got the grass cut.

    Love the pix, Andi… looks like a river in the background of the first shot?

  9. Hi, all. Love the drops, Andi. You are amazing.
    The rain has finally stopped here and we have a beautiful day. Hurrah!

  10. Thanks Coneflower. I'm glad you enjoyed them because looking for what's captured in a doplet is definitely part of the fun. This picture [ILNK] is one of my favorites, not because it's that good but because you can see the sunrise in the droplet.

    Farf, it's a lake but it was created by damming a creek so it's following the creek channel which I think gives a "river" look.

    Dina, the rain stopped here too but it's still in the forecast through Saturday. I'm hoping they're wrong.

  11. Oh wow! A sunset and the tops of the trees too in the drop. Wonderful! Thanks for showing it.

  12. Afternoon all.
    Raindrop pictures are WONDERFUL with their own raindrop worlds captured in the drop.

    Beth, drive carefull. Enjoy furry friend.

    Maria, enjoy the movie and friends.

    FM, glad you've been visiting more.

    Jen, what fun you and Andi getting to meet. When I come up in June maybe we can meet up. Don't know how far away you are from Andi.

    Farf, you are farmer/gardner man now that spring has really sprung.

    Waves so CF and Dina.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  13. ::sniff:: (tearDROPS ... in keeping with the theme) Sad that I'm not in Ohio with Andi. Give Jen a great big ... well, I'm not much of a hugger so ... "HELLO" for me :)

  14. Lisa, sadly Jen is 140 mile away one way so not exactly in the neighborhood (though worth every mile of the drive).

    Mary, I've been and am back. Did it yesterday (and once again am amazed at the very long drives that Beth does) but she got both hellos and hugs.

  15. Those are beautiful Andi! I love the clarity in the droplet against the out-of-focus background, and I love the drops on the fluffy dandelion.

  16. Spectacular pix. Love the sunrise one. You are a very gifted photographer. Oh, and a new slide show each week? Heaven.

    So, my shopping method. I've needed new work shoes for a while (shoes good for standing around). Finally found some suitable ones on sale plus I had a coupon. I will get a camera - when I find a good sale / coupon (now that you've given me an idea of what to get!).

    Happy Friday! Enjoyeth thy weekend. :-)

  17. Hi O.

    Thanks for mentioning the slideshow, bono. It's kind of a pain-in-the-butt to keep changing it os it's good to know it's noticed :)

    I can definitely shop for shoes that way (I don't like shopping for clothes at all) but if it's something fun like a camera, no way I'm waiting.

  18. Nice droplets, Andi!

    And I'm wishing I were in OHio too...give Jen a hug from me, cuz I am a hugger. :)

  19. ::is hugged:: :) Right backatcha CG.

    (though worth every mile of the drive)

    You are too! I wish I could get 140 miles without it being a major production, damn chronic illness, ptui.

    Oh look, a slideshow...

  20. Hiya CG. Well just like me, you're only one state away -- it's not my fault you live in such damn long state. :)

    Jen ... aw, you noticed. ;P

  21. Raining here but nothing so spectacularly pretty as those photos. And 'drop by drop' or rather 'drip by drip' is what we're all experiencing over here as the parliamentary expenses scandal continues to roll. Wish the Queen had REAL power and could just say: 'Off with their heads!'

  22. Hi Nicola. We've been trying to give the legendary wet landscape of England some competition. So far, I'd say were doing much, much too good. Now I just hope our local pols don't want to compete with the MPs.