Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog ... Woods

Taken May 4, 2009.
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  1. Andi,
    Looks like a good guard dog you have keeping the woods safe.
    Since I don`t see anybody in the enchanted forest, it`s working well.
    Beautiful & peaceful.

  2. peaceful
    The coyotes were howling and yipping away night before last, Head, and I was wishing you were here so we could listen to them together ... but then every dog within 5 miles started howling and barking and I figured you'd rather skip that.

  3. Hi Andi and Head,

    Your woods do look very pretty Andi. We have a lot of Dogwood trees around here. I noticed on Monday when I went to my doctor's appointment that the Magnolias are starting to bloom down here. There's a corridor on the interstate that once you hit Mississippi they have Magnolia trees planted about ever quarter of a mile. When they're in full bloom it's a very pretty drive.

  4. Our magnolias are starting to bloom, too, Fam. The smell is just divine. Nice that you can find the good parts in the drive, and someone took the time to make the interstate pretty.

    I love dogwoods - both kinds! :-)

    Pretty quiet week here. Had dinner with my landlords last night - first social event in a long time. Weird to talk to real people, instead of virtual ones! Guess I'd better get out more often.

    Enjoy your hump day, everyone!

  5. Morning, all.

    Still finding it tough to get my head around being at the mimes. Must go in early today.

    I think I'd rather be in Andi's woods.

  6. Looks lovely and peaceful, Andi, unlike this neck of the woods which has been awash with small children. However, I am feeling very smug (and it's not a pretty sight) because the alterations are nearly done, the contract has arrived for signature and publication is scheduled for this December. Third novel, second in a cozy Victorian mystery series: 'Death is the Cure'. (See? I warned you - smug, smug, smug!)

  7. Morning Andi and everyone. Such a lovely scene. Who is that guarding the entry to the Magic Kingdom?

    So you have packs of coyotes near you? I used to listen to them when I lived out west. It's a cool sound and yes, the nearby dogs all started complaining. Someone told me that the coyotes sing so the dogs will bark so the coyotes will know where they are and avoid them....

    Lovely serene scene, Andi.

  8. Pictures of the magnolias at your website to go with the promised but undelivered pond photos would be good, FM. :P

    Beth, I don't know about real over virtual. When you're online, no one's farts smell. ;)

    That great news, Nicola. And I'm sure all the writers are suitably jealous. :)

    That's Sniff, Coneflower, aka Zen Sniff (thank you Olivia for that name) for his tendency to take on meditative poses as he does here and here.

  9. Sniff looks to be surveying his kingdom.

  10. Cutie and beauty. Nice. We don't have coyotes, but we do have spring-fevered college students, which is pretty close.

    Dentist for me this morning, just getting the oil changed and the tires checked. Then...I don't know. I'm currently finished with all the projects except promo for the next book which is about my least favorite part of the business.

    Hallooo to all.

  11. I agree with knucklead - he looks like he's keeping an eye on those woods. Nuthin's going in or out without him knowing about it.

  12. Hi, Toni. Yep, Sniff is very into being Lord of All He Surveys.

    Kelly, are you going to WisCon? Because Pat Hodgell owes ME another book (I see that she turned in the fifth at the beginning of the year but I need her to get cracking -- I'm not going to live forever).

    Mary, nothing does goes get in or out without him knowing about it -- and if that means I have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out ... well, tough.

  13. Andi, I am indeed. I know Pat's really picked up her writing pace now that she's retired from the university job, so you may even get that book in a reasonable time frame.

  14. Hi O.

    Kelly, 1) I hope you have a great time and 2) if you get a chance you can pass on the exuberant encouragement of her anxious Indiana fan. :)

  15. Awww, great pix of Sniff. In the one of him by the lake, I can almost hear the doggy version of, "ohmmm." I like to meditate near the water, too, Sniff.

    Thanks for the advice to keep it simple, silly. You are sooo correct about me and cameras. Will check out the d series at the going out of business sale. Thanks.

    Yay, Nicola!

    (tee-hee-hee, she said "farts smell.")

    ¿Dónde están Lisa y Farf? Sorry, left over from yesterday's Cinco de Mayo celebration - one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

    Happy hump day.

  16. bono, don't tell anyone but what he's really doing in the picture by the pond is living up to his name -- he's sniffing the air. :)

    Oh and the camera series I mentioned is the Canon Powershot SD. Here's Canon's lineup here [LINK]

  17. Hey all, yup I'm late. I'm spending a lot of effort avoiding the Great Vortex of Suck right now, and really ought to be heading to choir practice. The problem with that is, it's about to start storming again & all the cars are gone. :-P

    We have coyotes here too, they get the dogs all agitated and nobody gets any sleep. Tac nukes, anyone?

  18. Evening to All.
    This has been a really busy day and I got off to school before I could visit. Filters at school keep me from seeing blogs during the day.

    Mushrooms are a popping with all the rain we've had. Had to mow this afternoon as the grass was waving in the breeze already.

    Had one of those days at work that has so much opportunity for subplot ideas. Student vs securtiy and flying desk. Three police officers and a nice young lady that had to leave with them. The guy that wears the most perfect make up and a bra. And it's only Weds.
    Bono, pass the tequila.

    A great evening to all.

  19. Dog woods. Heh, well done, Andi.
    What a great spot to be a dog.

    'Evening all!

  20. Hi Farf. No nukes. Earplugs instead.

    Lisa, it hardly seemed like morning without you. Sounds like your day was one big grab-bag of material to be used at a later date.

    Hi B2. Now that you're here, it must be time for me to think about going to bed. :)