Saturday, May 2, 2009


The rain stopped briefly to allow me to capture what it had brought.

Taken May 1, 2009.
Click for larger image

(Laziness has arrived. This is both the Saturday and Sunday post.)


  1. Caesura--what a beautiful sounding word. I had to look it up, so you are stretching me, Andi.
    I like that.
    That's one of the things I liked about reading Pat Conroy. I had to keep a dictionary by my bed. It was in a wanting to experience the full meaning way. Some authors seem to be just flaunting their smarts.
    Conroy's use seemed organic, as does yours, Andi.

    Looks like dogwood blooming. We don't have those much in Dallas. Soil too alkaline. I need to go to East Texas for a dogwood and azalea fix. Reminder to mark my calendar better next Spring.

    Glad the rain letup so you can dazzle us.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. That's a lovely spot - always changing. Reminds me of a certain pond down in Alabama. i wonder how that pond is doing.

  3. Hi Lisa. It is a musical word to say -- so musical in fact that you feel it through your fingers as you type.

    Morning Laura. Of the two bodies of water -- the lake and the pond -- the pond is the harder to find different things to take but it's setting is more appealing to me than the lake. This [LINK] is probably my favorite pond picture ever.

    And yeah, Family Man where are our new pond pictures!!!!

  4. Morning, all! The trees and flowers were in full bloom as I drove thru Oregon last week - the colors were spectacular. I just love spring! Gorgeous shot, andi!

    Feel free to send any extra rain down this way...we could use it.

    I'm off to the farmers market and the beach before getting back to work. Hope everyone has a productive yet relaxing weekend!

  5. Gee. What a perfect title. (Had to look it up to know this... ) Such a beautiful photo. Thanks for your pond shot too. I had missed it whenever you showed it before...'re right again. It is musical.

    Take a day off, but I'm looking forward to Monday. LOL

  6. Wonderful Pond shot and yeah yeah I know they're coming.

    Now the next person we need to start a blog is Laura. :)

  7. Well,
    I`m finally able to come over & visit after my cesura.
    Now I`m about to have a seizure.
    And nice of you to step up.

  8. Dogwoods are in full riot on Planet Georgia, too. As are many other things. Well, I guess we can just nap out until you come back…

    stuffs a pillowcase with Giddy's hair ZZZzzzZZZzzz…

  9. Wow. I want to be there.

    (sliding into my alternate universe where I live in Andi's photograph)

  10. Beth, I hope you find lots of yummy stuff at the farmers market.

    Hi Coneflower. Hope spring is looking great for you too.

    FM, your pond has it's feelings hurt that you don't want to let everybody ooh and ah over it.

    No seizures, Head. As earlier poeple have indicated, the proper response is falling on the fall.

    Happy napping, Farf.

    I wish you were here, kb. :)

    And I'm off to run errands. Hope everybody has a fine Saturday.

  11. Like Lisa I had to look up Caesura.

    Robertson Davies is the author that made me keep a dictionary at hand. I miss him.

    I love the dogwood on the left and the white reflection in the water. Our dogwoods have been in full bloom for a few weeks now and have lasted because the weather got cool - but they are now starting to drop their flowers and turn green. The people next door to me have a pink dogwood and then (on the side near me) a newer white dogwood. I'm thinking of putting in a pink in my lawn so it will be pink-white-pink in front of our houses.

    Yep, Laura needs to start a blog now too. :) (I am going to refrain from nagging FM because I am SUCH a nice person.)

  12. Gorgeous! I agree Andif, I don't mind the rain when it (and the warmer weather) produce these glorious shades of green and magnificent flowers. I looovvvee that sunset pic of the lake. And thank you for the vocabulary lesson.

    What camera are you using for the astronomy pix? Very impressive. Is the one today from the Hubble? I love them!

    The sun is shining here today. :-) Great weather for yard work.

    Have a wonderful day.

  13. The dogwoods are all in their prime here, Mary. It's one of my favorite times of year -- it looks like snow was falling when time suddenly stopped.

    bono, if you click on the Astronomy Picture of the Day picture, it will take you to the APD website where you can find all about the picture, including what it's a picture of and what telescope/astronomer took it.

  14. That's a nice photo, Andi. I like how you captured the reflection.

    It finally stopped raining here and actually got sunny this afternoon. Apparently this may not last. Amazingly enough, the boran2 boy got to finish his soccer game, in the drizzle.

  15. Gorgeous scene. Makes me want to get in a canoe and sprawl out under the afternoon sun watching the trees pass by overhead as I float along.

    I also love the astronomy PoTD in the sidebar.

    (This is both the Saturday and Sunday comment.) ;p

  16. It's a pretty small pond so that activity wouldn't last long. You come on over and we can go do that at the camp lake (where there are already canoes). :)