Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Mayapple

Taken April 13, 2009
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  1. ***thud*** <---- that was me just falling back off my chair!

    LOL ...

    I'm so excited!


  2. I hope you didn't hurt yourself, Olivia.

  3. LOL, hi Jim ... I think all those endorphins from excitement helped mask the pain ... ;-)

  4. Disclaimer:

    No virutal beings were harmed in the establishing of this blog.

  5. I'm down there on the floor with Olivia. And just as excited!

    I can only say ... it's about time.

  6. Hi Mary. Well whatever I do here, I'm very sure that you and Olivia will put me to shame.

  7. (dazed) Andi? Is this really you?


  8. ::waves:: ANDI!!

    Really nifty pic, too - almost alien.

  9. Howdy kb and Maria. I wasn't expecting so many visitors so quickly. I haven't even got the place properly cleaned up yet. Don't tell my mom; she'd be so embarrassed.

  10. Congratulations Andi! It looks great!

  11. Thanks boran.

    And my apologies to everybody who had to do the word verification nuisance to do a comment (and aren't you nice to have put up with that). I didn't realize it was on but it's gone now.

  12. OMG!!! I'm taking full credit for this, lol.

    Andi, this is wonderful! But my knees are weak, I'm falling. . .hi, olivia and maryb, how's the weather down here on the floor? Katieb, watch it, you nearly stepped on our feets.

    Oh, this makes me happy.

  13. You can have all the credit/blame, Nancy.

    I've heard of pub crawling but this is the first time I've run into blog crawling.

  14. Hey! I've been trying to get you do this for a long time now ... :P

  15. Seems she's been hearing it from a few people.

  16. I hear ya Jim ... ***sigh***



    I'll sit on the floor with the rest of the crowd.

    Andi, I'm so excited not to miss any pics now. But I'm expecting some words too!!

    Tomorrow is the last day of Poetry Month and the First Full Day of 40 Acres. Socko combination.

    Waves to Nancy who will be missed, but a good busy to take you away.

    Pop the cork and pass the glasses.
    Pot of coffee brewing, tea steeping and brews in the washtub on ice.

    Raise your glass in a toast--
    To Andi who has brought each of us so much pleasure with her humor, kind words, and support. Her pictures have awed and inspired me to appreciate life, the earth, and each other more.

  18. Lisa, thanks for the very, very kind words. Tell ya what -- I'll post the pictures and you write the words -- you're much better at it than me. :)

  19. (grinning) I love you, Andi. This place is swell already. Even if you don't have the couches moved in yet.

  20. Add an extra ***THUD*** to Olivias.

    I keep thinking this isn't April Fools day, and I know I'm not dreaming at the moment. Could it be, could it actually be that Andi has finally opened a blog of her own? Oh glory days, shout hallelujah and jump and do back flips. I guess you can see I'm a little excited by this. :)

    As Mary said, it's about time. :P

  21. Well FM if it's going to make you "jump and do back flips", wouldn't that make it a very bad idea? ;P

    Love you too, kb. The couch is over there. See it -- it's the one with all the dog hair on it. :)

  22. Oh my Goodness Gracious! This is awesome! Boy! Do you ever do anything partway? We wait and wait and finally give up and then all of a sudden you pop up fully dressed and ready to play. Not fair, no mistakes, no learning curve like the rest of us.....a perfect blog instantly. Congratulations!

    I read the news on FM's blog. (Thanks FM)

    AND you've got the excellent photography to go with it. That Mayapple is gorgeous. I can feel the spring morning humidity.

    Welcome to blogdom. Love it!